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Some people golf in a Direct line, with Possibly an Occasional detour into the sand trap. I, for one, prefer to spray the ballfrom different directions, or ZIP codes, lest the walk eventually become boring.
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But this raises significant challenges, sincegolf course markers do not indicate your distance to the green when you're standing in somebody else's fairway. Now, when I'm in someone else's fairway, I could only pull out my cellphone. The latest technological boon for golfers involves a Apparatus that can inspire more golf rage than a four-minute waggle.Enterprising software developers are pumping out mobile programs that use GPS technology to demonstrate your space to the green,among many other things, for a fraction of what you would pay for conventional range-finder gizmos. The upshot: All these apps are far from perfect, but given that they Cost roughly half as much as a fantastic pair of balls, theyare well worth the money.
I analyzed View Ti Golf and GreenFinder, which work on smartphones Such as the iPhone and BlackBerry, and GPSGolfShot, which workson more old-school Verizon devices like the LG Chocolate along with the Motorola Razr, as well as newer smartphones. All three helped speed up my round of golf and gave largely Precise distance readings. View Ti Golf ($35) offered features otherslacked, but it was a battery hog. GreenFinder ($35 annually) was simple to use but limited in features, and GPSGolfShot ($35annually, $4 per month or $2 a round) provided a fantastic option for smartphone holdouts. Each provider relies on satellite images to map a course.
When You're on a fairway, for example, your telephone pings the GPSsatellite and contrasts your location with the location of this green, which the program stores in your phone. This piece ofwizardry can actually happen faster than on dedicated GPS range finders, since cellular phones use cell towers to swiftly get afix on nearby satellites. Each of those apps gives you big, reader-friendly yardage Readings into front, center and back of the green, which means you canquickly choose a club.
Well, sometimes. The programs reveal an as-the-crow-flies distance to The green, so in the event that you own GreenFinder orGPSGolfShot, and the hole is a dogleg, it is no help. Everything you need, naturally, is a way to find out just how far to strikethe ball so that you may turn the corner. View Ti gives you that, since it shows the image of the hole, and Offers a cursor you can control using a fingertip. Drag thecursor where you want to hit the ball on that dogleg, for instance, and it tells you that the distance. One drawback is that the image does not rotate, compass-style, In sync with where you happen to be standing on the hole.
Last weekI played at Pine Orchard Yacht and Country Club, in Branford, Conn., with Philip Johnson, a longtime club member with an eighthandicap and also a propensity to hit the ball at tediously direct lines. As familiar as he is with the course, he struggled to Figure out which way to orient the apparatus. Had I been flying solo, Iwould never have figured out how to point the thing. Michael Phung, a founder of View Ti, said the company would fix That problem in a new version of the program, due out this fall,together with other improvements. The Program works with roughly 15,000 of the approximately 18,000 Classes in the United States, together with the weakest coveragein areas like Texas, Oklahoma and other locations where satellite images are not yet sharp enough to rely on, Mr. Phung said.
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View Ti also comprises about 2,000 courses in the Uk (such as British Open classes ), hundreds more in Canada and Australia andheaps scattered in more remote global locations. The company adds new classes each week, in response to user requests. Aside from complaints of consumers that, because of satellite-image Limitations, can't get their home courses listed, Mr. Phungsaid users were often bothered by the program's inclination to sap battery life from an iPhone. Users must expect to get at least four weeks, he explained, from a Fully charged iPhone.
But Mr. Johnson, my acting partner, ranhis iPhone into the red zone after three hours of constant usage, along with the comments on View Ti's iTunes page indicated thatmany users had difficulty keeping the program running through an entire round of golf. Mr. Phung said part of the problem is relying upon the service too much. " We pictured individuals would use it five or six timesthrough a round, for the tough shots," he explained. The issue is, that is not how a lot of men and women wish to utilize it.Between the tee and the green, the program can save time on nearly every club selection, unless your ball lands close to a yardagemarker. 1 alternative: Mr. Johnson said he places his iPhone to sleep after Assessing for yardage. It takes a few moments to activate theapp again, but it keeps the battery alive more. Then there is the bigger philosophical difficulty of using a Phone on a golf program. The United States Golf Association'sprinciples don't prohibit cellphones, saying only that"players must make sure that any electronic device taken onto the coursedoesn't distract other players." However, some courses will eject players to using one, therefore it makes sense to clean it withthe club's expert prior to investing.
GreenFinder's big advantage is that, unlike many other iPhone Programs, it also works on BlackBerrys, some Windows Mobile phonesand, within a week, Android telephones including T-Mobile's G1. One of the company's founders, Trevor Timbeck, said that theprogram relies on more elegant satellite imagery to map distances, but in limited testing, I discovered no meaningful differencebetween GreenFinder's readings and also people of the other two programs. Verizon's GPSGolfShot, meanwhile, will probably soon get an update, with Bird's-eye pictures of the hole as well as flyovermovies. An Individual can envision a day when someone provides that choice a spin While he is waiting patiently for an intruder to get offhis fairway. Maybe The aggrieved player will then pull his cellphone out, too, and measure the Distance into the otherparticipant's head.
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